Great results of first Liepāja Marine College' project for students studies and trainings, staff trainings in Erasmus+ programme countries in 2015/2016

Liepāja Marine College ( hereafter – LMC) during the project established new contacts with Erasmus+ programme countries maritime high education institutions in Poland, Rumania, Bulgaria, Finland and Norway. Expanded previously established cooperation with Lithuanian Maritime Academy. Established and implemented cooperation with organisations and social partner from Italy, Lithuania, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherland and Norway.

Main activities:
- Mobility of 3 staff representatives for trainings in Italy, Poland and United Kingdom.
  This includes mobility to two education institutions and one social partner organization.
- Mobility of 7 Navigational department second year students for studies in Lithuanian Maritime Academy.
- Mobility of 9 students for trainings in different Erasmus+ programme countries:
3 students from Logistic programme had trainings in logistic companies in Spain, Madrid, one students – in United Kingdom, London; 3 students from Navigation programme had trainings on board of German, Norway and Romanian ships, two students from Marine Engineering programme had trainings on board of Lithuanian and Netherland ships.

Project results: Implemented 19 mobilities. Student developed personal and professional growth/ development, improved practical skills and knowledge. Participants had possibility to make new friends and established new contacts in different countries and with different country culture.
Staff had possibility to raise professional competence, gain new experience of teaching and management methods, strategies, that all together contribute and raise education and educational institutional management quality, as well as internationalisation of LMC.

Photos of the project please see in Photo Gallery here

For more information, please, see here or contact Erasmus+ project coordinator by erasmusplus[pie]